Day 36: The Last Day

Well I made it to the last day on the farm. It was pretty much like all of the other days. I got up and let the dogs out, and gave them their rice. Then I went and fed the horses and spent some time with them since I won’t get to be around them for quite a while. At least until the next time I’m asked to house sit again. But that won’t happen for at least a year.

Around noon I went to check on the chickens. Got 14 eggs today. Then I spent the rest of the day doing the last bit of cleaning and packing up the rest of my stuff. I was supposed to be at the farm until 8:30pm. But naturally, it started snowing. So I had to load up my truck and make a run for it to be able to get out of the driveway. I made it on the second try, and still only just made it.

Since the last day wasnt very exciting Im going to spend a little time and give my final remarks and thoughts on the whole experience.

I’d like to start off first by saying, it was alot of fun now that I look back. I always did want to see what it was like to actually live and do farm work. Im a little glad they didn’t have cows haha. After I fixed the holes in the fvence the dogs didnt cause much trouble thank goodness. Except when Turk escaped. I don;t think I have panicked that much in a long time. I can;t beleive how lucky I was to find him.

Then there was that time Mack escaped…and then that other time that Mack escaped…and then of course there was that other time when Mack escaped. Also that time that Mack escaped. lol.

All in all I do have to say it was a great experience that I will never forget. Im not sure how else to describe it. But one thing I have to say is, its alot harder then it is in the harvestmoon games. But now I have a new respect for Jack when he gets tired when doing farm work. Also I definatly won;t miss the driveway. Now I don’t have to worry about wondering if I will be able to make it out of the driveway to get to town. An also that when it snows my Dad doesnt have to come and pick me up, and I dont have to walk up the driveway at 5am in the freezing cold to go and shovel snow.

I hope you, the readers, enjoyed reading about my experience on the farm. Be sure to check out the news posts at for announcements for more blog events if the oppertunity to do this again presents itself.

Thank you so much for reading.

Until next time,
Stay Frosty

Day 35: Cleaning up my mess


Today was the last full day at the farm. Tomorrow I will be doing a recount of the actual last day at the farm and summary of the entire 36 days at the farm. But as for todays happenings..nothing too exciting I’m afraid. I tried my best at an explosion but the animals just wouldn’t co-operate with me!

I got up a little on the late side around 9:30am. I got up as usual and let out the dogs and fed the horses, along with topping up the water for Starz, Koko and Mack. They still won’t let him eat, but he seems to have got into the habit of waiting inside the stable for me to bring him the hay. I could easily toss it to him, but when I do that the other 2 horses go to see if the hay I gave him is any better then theirs and chase him away, so its just easier to carry it into the pen for him.

Yesterday Mike came and put down a bunch of sand on the driveway to see if it would help me get out of the driveway without having to be pulled out. After cleaning the house, which involved sweeping floors, mopping, doing dishes, dusting and packing up all my crap I took what stuff I didn’t need for my last night here and took it home. I got out of the driveway first try with all the great sand Mike put down. I took my stuff home and then came back up to the farm and played some videogames on my new 3ds xl.

Its been quite cold today, been well below freezing. Right now it is 9 degrees below freezing. I only got 10 eggs from the chickens today. Must be because of the cold weather. Tomorrow the plan consists of packing up the rest of my stuff..doing a final clean of the house and then waiting around for the owners to get home. Then it will be the drive home where I can un-pack and settle in back in my room where I will post the final blog post in this series. Hopefully everything will go well tomorrow.

Check in tomorrow for the exciting conclusion on day 36!

Until then,
Stay Frosty

Day 34: Ice Sucks

Well hello everybody!

So today was quite eventful actually. Not totally farm related though.

I got up and let the dogs out, fed the horses and all the usualy stuff. The plan was to go and pick up my sister from school and go to the city to get myself a new 3DS xl from Walmart. Mainly because I saw the preview for Pokemon X and Y and I knew I had to get a 3DS.  Luckily I still had a gift card from the phone company I signed up with for $75 so I got that off of the main price and paid the rest with my quarterly tax return.  So it almost seems like I got it for free which is really awesome. The day went downhill literally when I tried to leave the farm.

Main reason is because we had that big thaw 2 days ago where everything was melting. Now it turned to a deep freeze and the entire driveway turned into a sheet of ice. I only just made it passed the gate before I lost traction. After about my 5th try to get out I lost control while sliding backwarss and got stuck in the snow bank and almost took off my side view mirror on my truck. About 30 mins later my dad showed up with his 3 ton Dodge Ram and pulled my truck out like nothing. And then pulled me out onto the road so I could go get my stuff done.

After driving to the city and back it was almost 5pm. Rachel is staying for the last couple of nights before the owners come back. Im pretty sure our Dad will have to come and get us out with his truck again when its time to go home. Only got tomorrow and Sunday left before my farming oddessy is over. Still no explosions yet. But I do have a bunch of curry sauce left. I could eat that then light my farts tomorrow…that would count as a decent explosion eh? lol.

No pictures this time Im afraid. But be sure to check in tomorrow. Might do a couple videos since I got Rachel here to do the filming for me. Be sure to check in tomorrow for the happenings of Day 35.

Until then,

Stay Frosty

Day 33: Spending time with the animals

Howdy everybody!

Well today was a pretty good day all in all. I got to relax and recreate and do all sorts of stuff I dont normally have time to do. I had my alarm set for 5:15am as there was a 60% chance of snowfall during the night. I got up and checked out the window and wouldn’t you know it! NO SNOW! So I went and snuggled back under the warm coveres for a few hours. After getting up after 8:30 I got up and got the dogs rice out of the rice cooker and onto the plate, cutting it into as equal portions as possible. So they all get their fair share. So I went out to go let out the mutts. The slushy drivewy had froze solid over night leaving a bumby slanded skaiting rink. I went into the shed and put their collars on. And then went outside to open the flap door for them to come outside. Now I tried to slow them down cause in the morning they come flying out of there like a bat out of hell. They still did and slipped on the ice. You know that one scene in the Bambi movie where he tries to skate with Thumper? Well thats basically what happened to all 3 of the dogs. I was laughing so hard. I just thought to pull out my camera to videotape it, and then I slipped and ended up laying on the ground trying to get up. But that time they made it to the house and were waiting for their rice. But I wasn’t quite there yet.

Before feeding the dogs their rice I have to tend to the horses forst. I usually go to Star and Koko’s pen first because now that Mack is there, they go through alot more water. And I need to check it. Now I’ve leanred to take the hose inside the dog shed at night instead if straghting it out and hoping the water will drain out and then having it freeze solid anyway. So I topped up their water and then feed her highness Koko and her hand maiden Starz their food. Then I have to sneak into the pen with a block of hay for Mack and by now he has learent to hide in the stable where I feed him out of site so the 2 girls don’t bother him.

Then I moved on to Rusty and Finn. I noticed last night their old salt lick was almost gone, half buried in gravel and poop and old hay. After that plopped in there I wanted to take a couple old-time style photo’s of me and one of the horses. Finn was the most co-operative as he was waiting to be fed and he knows I’m the one that does that. So he really likes me. I got this one and only pic, but I literally love the pic. Mainly cause I find it so hard to take pics of myself that I like, and I got this one on the 1st try and Finn actually looks like he is smiling and looking right at the camera..even though he’s just about to nibble my vest collar as a sign of affection haha. Here’s the pic:


Later on in the day I went to collect the eggs. Got an even dozen this afternoon. There was 1 really tiny egg It was so funny looking next to the regular ones. So I saved it. Placed it next to a regular and 2 jumbo sized eggs I get on occasion to show you how small it is. Here’s that pic:


While I was in the chicken coop today I brought them a bunch of goodies. Old veggies, dry bread, etc. Apperantly chickens eat absolutly anything…Ive even heard stories they eat chicken bones! Nevermind Silence of the Lambs..what happened to the Silence of the Chickens? But anyways, cannibalism aside I just had some stuff that had gone stale that I knew the chickens would love. So I went into thr coop and knelt down with everything in a bad. All the chickens crowded around and as I started taking stuff out then things started going nuts! So I had to just dump the bag and get the hell outta Dodge! lol. They went feeding frenzie. It was insane. Their like freaking piranhas haha. Took them 30 seconds to go through the 3 red bell peppers, half a cucumber, 2 banana peels and some dry biscuit. Not a scrap was left over. It was crazy

I just watched a bit of TV today and made a light lunch. Just some KD and pan fried Ham Steaks. Then this afternoon I wanted to spedn some extra time with the animals since Im going to be going back home in just 3 short days. Hard to beleive I’ve already been here over a month. I went to take some apples to the horses which they loved. I wanted to do a video but didn’t have enough hands. Mainly because you gotta hold the bucket with the cut up apples, then you gotta hold your hand out flat for the horse to heat the apple. And if you put the bucket down the dogs get the apples lol.

This evening when I went to put the dogs in for the night I wasnted to get a couple close up pictures of them with me like I got with Finn there. Got a few good ones but they started getting excited and I had to take my leave. Heres the pics of the dogs.

This one is of me and Turk.


Turk wouldnt leave Red alone so I managaed to get a good pic of the both of them . Red is on the left, Turk on the right.


This one is good ol’ Curly. He seemed depressed. Probably misses his owners. I gave him a hug to try and cheer him up. He sighed and rolled onto his back with his tail wagging so I gave him a good tummy rub, that oughta make him feel better. He’s such a little stinker. If I had to pick favorites Curly would be my fav.


Well thats what happened today. No snow at all in the forcast. Lets just hope it stays that way for a while. There will be a blog posted on the 13th when the owners come home. But it might be posted on the 14th. BEcause its going to be a busy day. But stuff can still happen. Anyways, I hope you ejoyed all the pictures I got to put in tonights blog. Be sure to comment on them and check in tomorrow for day 34’s happenings!

Until then,
Stay Frosty

Day 32: I wish the weather would make up its mind!

Howdy everybody!

Well, a nice surprise this morning for once. It was snowing when I went to bed last night so I had my alarm set for 5:15am when I usually wait for my Dad to call me to give me an update. Mainly because the farm is up in a valley and at a higher elevation then the main part of town where all the driveways we have to clear are. So since I knew it was snowing I just got up when my alarm went off and got dressed and looked out the window. There was still snow on the patio where I had shoveled the day before. So I sat at my computer and waited for the phone call. Finally my Dad phoned around 5:25am. Appearantly it had been raining in town most of the night as the temp went as high as 4 degrees above freezing. And all the snow from the night before had melted, and he told me to go back to bed. You have no idea how good it feels to get back into bed and snuggle down into the nice warm covers after expecting to have to go out in the freezing cold and shovel snow at 5am.

So I woke up after 8. Mike called me and asked me if it was snowing up at the farm. Which it wasn;t, but it was raining really good. He said he was going to come up to clear the driveway now that it stopped snowing. So I got up to feed the horses. But I had to keep the dogs inside if Mike was coming to clear the driveway. So I went and put the collars on and gave them their rice and shoveled out their crap from the night. I went back out and huge flakes of wet snow were coming down! I was like “Come on, make up your mind already!” lol. Mike showed up pretty soon after that. It ended up taking him almost 2 and a half hours to clear everything because the snow was so heavey after the sudden rise in tempurature. After he finished my plan was to run to town to get some beer and a few groceries to keep me good till Sunday when the owners get back. After my 5th attempt at trying to get out of the stupid driveway Mike offered to run me into town.

I got him to drop me off at my Grandparents house which is on the way to town since Mike was late for work. I visited there for a little bit and then my Mom ran me to the grocery store. After getting a call from my Dad I met him at one of the driveways we have to clear when it snows. He was scraping off slush off of the sidewalks and driveway of the apartment complex because now it got all warm and everything started melting, and then its supposed to drop to 11 degrees below freezing starting tonight and everything is going to turn to ice. Once again, I wish the weather would make up its damn mind. Either stay warm or stay cold. Dont keep going back and forth. So anyways after I was done in town and helping my Dad finish the driveway he drove me back up to the farm and had a beer with me.

After he left I had to dig out the snow that was infront of the gates from the plow clearing the driveway so I could shut them and let the dogs out. After that I went to collect the eggs. As I was on my way there I heard a loud rumbling sound. Sunndely it clicked in my brain that it was snow sliding off of a roof. So I just ran away from the barn cause I didnt know where it was coming from. Turns out it was sliding off of the sheet metal roof over the chicken coop and all the snow on the roof slid into their pen. So I went in to make sure no chickens were buried. All were accounted for execpt 3 chickens that were on the other side of the huge pile of snow standing in over a foot of undisturbed snow. I assumed they were stuck so I picked each one up and carried them to the door of the coop and put them down and they went inside. No hearts floated above their head after I put them down though, kind of disappointing lol. But at least they were all ok. Got 14 eggs today.

The rest of the day I spent relaxing and cooking some supper. Nothing special. Just some Kraft Dinner. I just got in about 45 mins ago from putting the dogs in for the night and feeding the horses. There is snow in the forcast but only a 40% chance and just light flurries. So hopefully I won’t have to go shovel tomorrow.

On a last note while I was outside feeding the horses and such I noticed the epic icicle that had formed on the back corner of the dog shed. So i took a picture of it. It was close to 3ft long..maybe even more I didn;t have a tape measure. And it fell off just seconds after snapping the picture. So managed to get the pic just in time. Hope you like it!


Thanks for reading and make sure to check in tomorrow for day 32’s exciting events!

Until next time,
Stay Frosty

Day 31: A day of rest…finally!

Howdy everybody

As you know if you read the last few blog posts…it has been sowing here almost non-stop the past few days. I took a couple pics to show you just how much snow we actually got here right now. The first picture is looking up towards Wildhorse mountain. I have posted pics of it in a few past blog posts. The one with the rocky cliffs at the top. As you can see here its in the clouds because the clouds were so low and the snow was so thick it just looks like fog in the picture. I took these this afternoon when it started snowing.


The 2nd picture is looking out at the driveway from the patio. The grey truck you can see parked there has only been there for 1 day. So all the snow on it is from just the last 24 hours. There is about 10-12inches there. More is on the hood and roof then on the box of the truck. But just looking at whats on the ground should give a good example of how much we got.


Last night before I went to bed it was snowing so I figured I would have to be getting up early this morning to go and shovel snow. My dad said he would call me to wake me up if we needed to go out and shovel snow. But lo and behold I didnt wake up until 9am! I was so suprised because it had snowed a bit during the night. But not enough to warrent shoveling I guess. So I got up to do the morning routine. A little while later I went outside to give some apples to the horses and collect the eggs for the day. I got 14 today. Still haven’t washed them yet lol. I will be doing that before I go to bed so I can get them in the fridge.

Around 2 my Dad brought me up a case of beer since I was out and Mike hasn’t come up to plow the driveway yet so I am effectivly snowed in. I took one of the sleds to the top of the driveway. Waited for my dad to show up. After he dropped off the beer I loaded it into the sled and went back down the driveway. The snow is so deep on the driveway I actually had a hard time getting any speed up since it was the first run. If I had time to do a pre-run to get the pathway for the sled done I would have gone faster. After getting inside I went back to my videogame. For supper I made some stuffed mushrooms. Nice and simple. You just remove the stems from the white mushroom caps and dice them up, along with some onions as well. Then you cut up bacon and start frying it. Once its half done u add the chopped mushroom stems and onions to the pan and finish cooking it. Then you put the mixture into the raw mushroom caps and put on a piece of cheddar cheese and then bake at 350 F for about 20 minutes. These mushrooms were smaller then the ones I usually buy, but oh my goodness, they were probably the best stuffed mushrooms I have ever made. The cheese went all brown and crispy. Man were they ever good!

About an hour ago I went out to feed the horses for the night and put the dogs to bed. there is more snow in the forcast although nothing is coming down yet.It did come down quite a bit later this afternoon as I mentioned before. Which means I have to get up for sure and go shovel what came down today. So Im off to bed. Enjoy the pics and be sure to check back in tomorrow for Day 32.

Until then,
Stay Frosty

Day 29 & 30: Snow, snow, and more Snow..

First off but I would like to just apologize for never doing the blog yesterday or posting it this morning. The reason why will be made evident as you read on.

So the start of Sunday, Day 29 it had snowed the night before. So When i had my alarm set for 5:15am and my dad called, it was still snowing so we decided since it was a Sunday we would go back to bed and check and see what the weather was in an hour. Folks, let me tell you, sure it may only be an extra hour to sleep..but at 5:15 in the mornining every extra minute of sleep or just laying in bed is golden. But since good things never last that hour was up faster then I wanted it to be. There wasn’t too much snow. Only about 2-3 inches. We finished all the driveways in just under an hour. My dad drove me back to the farm. We both didnt sleep much the night before so he stayed at the farm for a bit. We each had a couple beer. then I went to feed the horses and let the dogs out around 8:30am. Then we both ended up falling asleep in the living room. After waking up just after noon Dad left for home and I went to collect the eggs for the day. Got 13 this time. Much better then the 9 I got the day before.

Around 3pm my dad came back up because my fridge broke… there wasn’t any beer left in it! So he brought the proper tools for the job. a 15 pack of Pabst Blue Ribbon beer heheh. Normally I like beer a bit stronger then Pabst. But i like the refreshing taste of the beer. While Dad was there Mike showed up to plow the driveway. Dad left soon after that. Mike went up in the tractor to clean the driveways of the neighbors. While he did that I decided I was hungry so I made myself an early supper. I bbq’d steaks again that were in my special marinade. This time I also made my special gooey pesto garlicbread and a cheddar and bacon stuffed baked potato. I invited Mike in for supper since he seemed quite cold from being out in the sub zero air for over an hour and a half. we visited for a while before he left.

After he left I played some videogames and did a load of wash. Just before I went to go out and put the dogs in for the night and feed the horses I looked out the window to see it was snowing to beat heck outside. After a long sigh I went and did the evening chores. I showered and went to bed just after 10 because the weather channel had issued a snowfall warning for our area.

Day 30: I was glad I went to bed so early last night. When i got up this morning I looked out the window and we got a good 10 inches of snow overnight! It was still snowing again so when my dad called we decided to wait until it stopped. So I got dressed and then laid on my bed until he called. About 2 hours later just before 7:30am he called and I jumped out of a deep sleep. Before I knew it I was out shiveling snow. this stuff sucked. At first it was light powder. But as the morning went on it got warm so the snow got wet and heavier. About halfway through the morning the snowblower broke down and we ended up doing most of the rest of the driveways by hand, with occasional snow blowing if it decided to work. By the time I got back to the farm it was almost noon. I was exhausted! mailnly because we only have one snow blower so I still havel to shovel most of the snow by hand, the rest is cleaning up what the snow blower misses.Even though I was exhausted I basically had to walk in the door, put down my water jug and hat and soaked gloves and then went to do the farm chores.

I let the dogs out first. There was quite a mess in there since they had been inside almost 12 hours. Luckily they have a doggy litterbox with a pole for them to pee against. But I had to shovel up all their crap from the night before. Then I turned my attention to the horses. They seemed to be a little annoyed at me that i was feeding them almost 4 hours later then I normally do. After filling up their water I went and had to do a bit of snow shiveling around the farm. I had to shovel off the patio where I give the dogs their rice. And I had to clean off the sidewalk to my truck, along with the path to the chicken coop and the horse stable for Finn and Rusty. At this point I felt like I was ready to throw up. So I limped back to the house and slumped on the couch with a beer and watched some TV. A little while later I went in for a shower to warm up because I was soaked from sweat and melting snow.

I spent the afternoon relaxing and playing videogames, occasionally checking out the window to see what the mutts were up to. They were actually quite good today. I went to collect the eggs and got 14 today. Just before dusk I looked out the living room window towards the road to see a bunch of yellow flashing lights. From what I could tell a vehicle of some sort had gone into the ditch. There were 2 tow trucks and a big flatbed semi. After watching for a while I saw it was a snow plow that had gone into the ditch. Talk about irony lol. There weren’t any ambulances or anything so the driver must have been alright.

After my legs stopped hurting from todays work I made dinner. I had some left over chicken and vindaloo sauce so I made curry again for supper. That really hit the spot. I had been playing my videogame for about 2 hours and I had one more loading screen to go before I was going to save and of course it froze! So i lost everything because I forgot to save inbetween of course…

After that I decided I would come on and do the blog before it got too late. Its been trying to snow. Hopefully it doesnt add up to anything. I could really use a morning to sleep in a bit. It is supposed to snow, but not until like 9am tomorrow and snow right through till 10pm tomorrow. So if it doesnt stop tomorrow I wont have to go out and shovel snow until Wednesday. Thats what Im hoping for. A day off always makes me feel better.

So Thats all thats happened the past 2 days. Im onto the last week of farm life. The owners will be coming back this coming Sunday. So only got 5 Days left on the farm. Im sure an explosion will happen sooner or later lol.

Thanks for reading and be sure to check in tomorrow for another post

Until next time,
Stay Frosty

Day 28: Winter is back

Howdy everybody,

Well winter is back. After a glorious week without snow I woke up today to find winter was back with a vengence. It started snowing around 10am. yes I overslept, the animals weren’t very happy with me, but I digress..It started snowing at 10am and finished around 2pm. In that short time we got 6 inches of snow so I went to go shovel it. After getting back around 5pm I had a beer to quench my thirst and then cleared the lower driveway with the tractor.

Earlier today while it was still snowing I went to collect the eggs. Only got 9 today. Guess the chickens just didn’t feel like laying eggs today. Didn’t get much else accomplished today because of the snow. After I showered and had dinner it started snowing again which means I get to get up in less then 8 hours to go and shovel more snow! Luckily this time there will be alot less then this afternoon. Unless it snows more during the night…which Im hoping it doesn’t. None is forcasted so lets hope it stays that way.

I do apologize for the short blog but I want to go to bed to get some extra sleep for tomorrows work.

Thanks for reading and until tomorrow,
Stay Frosty

Day 27: They’re Smarter then we think

Howdy everybody.

Well today I got up a bit late, around 9am. And went to do my morning chores, I brought the hose inside the dig shed because it froze solid even though I drained most of the water out. This way when I need to refill the horses water trough I dont have to stand there for 10 minutes waiting for the water to melt the ice on the inside.

When I went to get the rice for the dogs I cut it into thirds as best as I can to make it fair. This time there were 2 avaerage sized pieces and 1 larger one. After I cut it into 3rds I cut them again to make 6ths. Anyways I opened the door and all 3 dogs were there waiting, tails wagging. I held out an avaerge sized piece for curly to take but he just sniffed at it, so red took that one. Then I held out the bigger piece and Curly took it right away lol. Then Turk took the last piece obviously. I just thought it was funny that Curly actually didnt want the 1st piece because he saw the next one was bigger. They may act dumb but they are probably alot smarter then I thought.

I went into town around 10am because I had made a chiropractor appointment for my back from my fall the day before. I stopped at my Gramma’s to wait until time for my appointment. Their new puppy is so cute. I forgot to take pictures. Im sure I can get a few up before the blog is over next Sunday. After that I went to my appointment and got adjusted. My back was out pretty bad, I had a good 10 different ribs and vertibrae that were out. I felt much better when I was done. I stopped at the grocery store to pick up a few things for dinner. I made chicken vindaloo. Which is a spicy curry dish from India. It was sooooo good.

After dinner I listened to some music and relaxed until I went to bed. I meant to post the blog last night but the internet decided to crash just as I started it. So I didn’t want to wait around to see if it would come back on, so i went to bed.

Check in later today for day 28’s happenings

Until then,
Stay Frosty

Day 26: Ice is Slippery!

Howdy everybody,

Well Day 26 already, man time flies. I have only 9 days left before my time here at the farm is up. I started the day as normally as I have done the last while. Its been so great not having to shovel any snow. Although some is forcasted for Saturday..but Im keeping my fingers crossed that it stays clear.

After letting the dogs out I went and fed the horses their breakfast and had to refill the water for Mack, Starz and Koko. But for some reason the self draining hose didnt drain last night and froze solid! So I got to haul water to the trough in buckets. After 8 trips it was finally full. Which is definatly enough for them 3 horses until tomorrow morning. And I checked it before just coming inside for the night and its still half full so thats good.

I gave the dogs their rice and then did a quick tidy of the house before having breakfast. After playing some videogames and watching some TV I got a call that my Dad’s truck was fixed. So he came to pick my up and take me home to get my truck back, and then I drove back up to the farm. Later this afternoon Mike showed up to bring some Chicken Feed and some wood shavings for the chicken coop. In a way he is kind of like Takakaura, I order farm supplies and he brings them haha.

After unloading the truck and Mike left I went to go refill the food in the chicken coop. What I forgot to do was be careful of the sheet of ice on the step and of course my feet went out right from under me and down I went, cracking my back like an xylophone. Which felt AWESOME!. After that I just laid low for the rest of the ay because my back is killing me. I just got back from taking off the dogs collars and putting them to bed and feeding the horses their dinner. Its going to be cold tonight. Its only 9:25pm and its already well below freezing, clear sky too which makes it even colder.

Tomorrow I’m hoping to take some pictures of Turk, Curly and Red as I havent been able to get that many good pics of them the last few times I tried.

Thanks for reading,
and until tomorrow,
Stay Frosty