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Cooking Intro

by Owen

Tale of Two
Towns Cooking Recipes

Soup & Salad


Main Dish


Other Recipes


to Cooking and the Cooking Festivals

New to Two Towns
and cooking is that there are 2 ways you can learn recipes. The first is the
usual way, by cooking something new with the proper ingredients, and then the
recipe will be recorded. But the new way is you can learn new recipes by being
inspired after you cook one recipe. This mainly happens if you cook with an
existing dish, but alter it by adding extra ingredients and then you will be
told you learnt how to make another dish. Then all you have to do is look at the
recipe and it will tell you what you need, so that makes things easier to a

You can also,
like in past Harvest Moon games, find recipes by looking at books in different
villagers homes. It wont record the recipe, so you will have to remember it, and
then cook it yourself to get the recipe. In Tale of Two Towns, there are a total
of 273 different dishes you can make!

You will receive
the Pot for free on Spring 8th From Yun if you are living in Konohana
or from Howard if your living in Bluebell. To get the Frying pan and Seasoning
Set, you have to complete requests from Yun in Konohana to get them. They will
cost you some money and require a certain cooked dish. So keep an eye out for
them on the request board.

Why Cooking in
Two Towns is Important

The main
objective in Two Towns is to settle a dispute that took place 100 years earlier
between the villages of Bluebell and Konohana. Each town insulted the other’s
cooking and then decided to have weekly cooking contests to decide which towns
cooking was better. There is a huge mountain between the towns, with a tunnel
that ran through it, but after they were fighting, the Harvest Goddess with her
infinite wisdom blocked the tunnel, but for some reason needs you to get the
current mayors to becomes friends before she will allow the tunnel to be
cleared, which you also have to do.

The Cooking

Different from
past games where there was only 1 cooking festival each year, in Two Towns there
is 1 cooking festival every week! It goes in order of what type of dish you need
to make. It goes in the order of Salad, Soup, Main Dish, Dessert. The
and other category of recipes is not used in the festivals.
For your 1st spring the mayor of the town you choose to live in will
bring you the ingredients for entering a dish. But starting in your 1st
summer you will need to find stuff to make yourself.

It is stated that
what counts most in the cooking contests is not the complexity of the dish, but
the quality of the ingredients that are used. So essentially, the higher the
star quality, 1-5, the higher chance you have at winning. But it has been found
through game play that adding the optional ingredients that are available for
most recipes will increase your chances of winning even more.

The way the
festivals work is there are 3 random characters from Bluebell chosen for one
team, and then 3 from Konohana. If you choose to enter then you will be with 2
characters from the town you chose to live in. The computer characters will
enter dishes along with yours, but it is an accumulative score that you get from
Gourmet Pierre. So in short, you can enter an awesome 5 star dish, but if
someone on your team enters a failed dish which happens occasionally, chances
are your going to lose, even if your dish was perfect.

If you win a
cooking festival you will receive a prize afterwards, which will vary depending
on how far in the game you are. And afterwards the Harvest Goddess will show you
the friendship meter between the 2 mayors, which consists of 10 hearts. If you
win, it will go up significantly. If you lose it will still go up, just not as
much and you will still receive a consolation prize, which will more then likely
be a bag of seeds which you normally wouldn’t get until year 2, this will unlock
the seeds for year 1, so sometimes losing isn’t always bad! You can also choose
not to enter at all. If you choose this you will be in the crows watching the
festival, and the heart meter for the mayors friendship will only go up a tiny
bit. Once you get the mayors friendship meter filled you will be able to clear
the tunnel between the games.

Recipes and Categories

As mentioned
earlier there are 273 recipes split into 6 different categories. At the
beginning of the game you will start with a few recipes in each category. These
are listed below.


# of Salad



Turnip Salad

Most of the salad recipes don’t need a utensil which makes them easy to make,
provided you have the right ingredients on hand.


# of Soup



Radish Soup

All soup recipes require that you use the pot. Depending on which town you chose
to live in, you will be given the pot by either Howard in Bluebell, or Yun in
Konohana on Spring 8th of your 1st year.


# of Appetizer



Sauteed Turnips, Roasted Mushroom. Sandwich, Sashimi, Tofu

These recipes aren’t included in the cooking contests mainly because most of the
dishes require processed items like butter or cheese and you can only make these
if you live in Bluebell.

Main Dish:

# of Main Dish



Marinated Fish

This is the largest category of recipes in Two towns. Lots of these are easy to
make because lots of recipes can be made with wild items or crops and animal


# of Dessert



Cookies, Soybean Rice Candy

Lots of these recipes require the Chocolate Pack, which is made on the Bluebell
farm using Cocoa beans in the maker. But if your living in Konohana, no need to
worry, there is plenty you can make without the chocolate. The easiest is once
you get a cow and a chicken, you can make Pudding which, if you have a good
heart level with your animals, is simple to make. So keep an eye out for the
recipe in this category!


# of Other



Cooked Rice, Bread, Strawberry Jam, Hot Coffee, Hot Milk

These 52 dishes don’t really fit into the other categories and are mostly items
you need to make in turn to make another dish. Also there are all the recipes
for drinks like tea etc.


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