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Hello to our users of Harvest Moon Paradise.

Hello to our users of Harvest Moon Paradise. Its that time of the month again for news updates and Poll results.

1st things 1st. Harvest Moon Tale of Two Towns was released in North America on Sept 20th. Canada did not receive it until the 22nd. The 3ds version will be released sometime in October 2011.

on our 2nd order of business, it is time for our poll to be tallied. The poll question we've had for the last month was "Who is your Favorite Special Bachelorette? [HM:DS]"

The results: 64 votes overall

Leia the mermaid won by a landslide with 28 votes and 47% overall of all votes.
The runner up was The Harvest Goddess with 13 votes and 22% overall
3rd place was The Witch Princess with 11 votes and 18% overall
Last but not least, well, in this case least, was Keira with only 8 votes and only 13% overall.

Thanks to everybody who voted!

Our next poll is gonna be a good 1 folks. In relation to the new release of Tale of Two Towns, the next poll will be
"Who are you going to marry on HM: Two Towns?" All the bachelorettes and bachelors will be listed and you will be able to choose 2 options. So you can vote for either your fav bachelorette and bachelor, or for both of your favorite girls or boys. So be sure to vote!

Also we have a new banner up which features the 6 bachelorettes and the male main character for Two Towns. We hope everybody likes it!

We also will be adding a partial guide for Harvest Moon Tale of Two Towns within the next couple weeks outlining how to get married, the likes and dislikes of each marriage canidate along with their events! So keep an eye out for it and we will post a news item announcing it as well once it is up.

So, until next time, thank you for choosing HMP for all your Harvestmoon needs!

HMP Staff

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