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These are the Poll results for our current poll:

These are the Poll results for our current poll:

The poll question asked: Are you going to buy Harvest Moon: The Tale of Two Towns?

1st Place: Yes, for the DS!! Votes: 38 | 38.78%
2nd Place: Yes, for the 3DS!! Votes: 22 | 22.45%
3rd Place: Yep....Eventually Votes: 14 | 14.29%

The rest of the results were Yes, for both the 3DS & DS!! with 9 votes, Im still thinking about it... with 7 votes, Nope with 5 votes and lastly Maybe...but probably not with 3.

Thanks for voting everyone!

Our next Poll will run until June 25th. The poll question is: Whats your favorite Accessory you can find in the mines? [HM:DS/CUTE] Be sure to vote!!

Lastly, we have put up our latest banner featuriung the characters from HM:DS Cute

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