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Youtube Videos down
for some season youtube suspended my account.
for some season youtube suspended my account. Therefore none of the videos on this site will work at the moment. Hopefully they bring my account back or else im going to have to remake 100 videos. More to come.

This is the list of videos that were attached to this site there was 44 of them:

The other 56 were youtube exclusive meaning they had no role on the site

Hm 64

Good ending Ann
Good Ending Popuri
Good Ending Max Friends Ann
Drinking Festival
Sowing Festival
Horse Race
Flower Festival
Fireworks Festival
Egg Festival
New years eve
How to get married
5 weddings
How to have a baby
How to have 2 kids
Pervert Sprites
Photo Album Montage


Baby Scene
Baby is sick
Divorce Scene
Spring Goddess Festival
Cooking Festival
Swimming Festival
Star viewing
Star Night
Cliff Ending(Btn Girl)


Ann Heart Events
Elli Heart Events
Karen Heart Events
Maria Heart Events
Popuri Heart events
Wife is Sick
Wife has baby


Cliff Heart Events
Gray Heart Events
Kai Heart Events
Rick Heart Events
Doctor Heart Events
Ann Friendship
Elli Friendship
Karen Friendship
Maria Friendship
Popuri Friendship

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