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2008 Hmp Awards/Stats
Here are the Hmp 2008 Awards
Here are the Hmp 2008 Awards

Top Poster - Ravenshirin 180 posts
Most Active Topic- Darren's Entrance with 32 replies
Most Viewed Topic- Harvest Moon Ds Farm stats with 1,918 views
Top topic starter(means they made the most topics)- Turnipman 32
Most Topic Replies Ravenshirin 167
Most Site Visits- Anthonyd46 933
Most Contributions(drawings, site information, etc)- Lunatia & Owen

General site statistics:

Number of members- 534
Site Visits- 323,637
Unique Visits- 49,245
Most Visits (Day)- Sun Dec 28, 2008 2,826 visitors
Top Browser- IE 7
Top Operating System- Windows XP
Top screen resolution 1024x768
Most referred site- www.google.com 23.7% of our visitors found us through them

Ok that's about it. Thanks to everyone who visited, posted, etc.

Posted by Anthony on Wednesday 31 December 2008 - 17:16:46 | Comments (4)  |  printer friendly