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by Owen

Getting Married

Changes in Tale of Two Towns

Getting married on Harvest Moon: Tale of Two Towns has some new features and changes compared to previous games. This section will outline these.

First difference is instead of the standard 5 marriage candidates depending on if your playing as a boy or girl, Two Towns has 6 for each player. There is also no divorce either where if you annoy your wife/husband enough that they will leave. If you get married to someone and are unhappy with who you chose, you will have to start a new file and try again. Once you are married your wife/husband will not do any chores around the farm like watering crops or tending to your animals, or make any G for you, or cook. But like past HM games there are certain events you can trigger once you are married. These events are- Your wedding anniversary, Your birthday or your partners birthday. To trigger these, simply enter your house at or after 8pm.

Another neat change in Two Towns is instead of the standard hearts on the dialog boxes for the marriage candidates, there are decorative flowers on a green vine. At 1st there is 1 blooming white flower. As you give them presents they like the flowers will change color and another flower will bloom along with the change. The colors are as follows:

1 White Flower- Neutral
2 Purple Flowers- Friends
3 Blue Flowers- Better Friends
4 Green Flowers- Dating
5 Yellow Flowers- Big Crush
5 Pink Flowers and 1 Big Pink bud- In Love
6 Full Bloom Red Flowers- Ready for marriage

The Dating System

New to Two Towns is the dating system. This is where you can ask the person you want to marry out on dates at certain times which differ to each bachelor and bachelorette. Going on dates will increase your friendship with them. But you will not be able to ask them out until they are at a Purple Flower or higher.

On different days when you talk to your prospective husband or wife, talk to them twice and then they will ask you if you would like to go out with them. Each marriage candidate has 3 days of the week that they will ask you out on a date. When you are asked by them, you will be given 3 out of 5 different locations where you could go. But, keep in mind that each person has 2 places they really like,1 they don’t really mind going to and one that they hate. These will be listed in our guide for each bachelor and bachelorette. If you pick a location they like you will get +100FP, but if you choose the bad spot, they will lose -100FP. If you go to the neutral location FP stays the same.

You can only go on 1 date per day on the days that the person is available. Also you cannot go on dates if there is a typhoon in summer or a blizzard in winter. But some dates can take place on rainy or snowy days. In addition, dates can also not be triggered on festival days or if you haven’t talked to them for over a week.

After you are married you can still go on dates with your wife or husband and you can choose your farmhouse as a location for a date. Giggity! Also, if you feel like it, you can still go on dates with the other marriage candidates after you are married. But if you do so, you will start to rack up the jealousy points with your husband or wife. The jealousy points will be explained a little lower down from here.

Flower Events

Flower events are the same as the Heart events on the past Harvest Moon games. But there are some changes on how to trigger them. Also, the special candidates do not have any Flower events. These are Dirk and Alisa. If you are marrying someone other then the 2 mentioned before, then you must trigger all the Flower events in order to get married.

Instead of walking into a certain area on the map at a certain time to trigger a flower event. You have to use the dating system instead. When you ask your future spouse out on a date and you have fulfilled any previous goals and choose the right location you will see the Flower event instead of the regular date scene.

The Flower events are able to be triggered at Purple Flowers [10,000FP], Blue Flowers [20,000FP], Green Flowers [30,000FP] and Yellow Flowers [40,000FP]. But note also that some Flower events for different candidates may require other stats like the weather or your friendship levels with another villager.

Each Flower event can only be triggered once. So if you mess up, there isn’t any way of changing it unless you start your day over again. When you are watching the Flower event you will be asked at some point to answer a question asked by who you are with. There is usually 1 positive response and 1 negative. Sometimes though, depending on the event and person, there can be 2 positive choices, but with one giving you less boost in FP. If you choose a positive response you can get you +2000 to +3000FP. But if you choose a negative response it will result in a loss of -2000 to -3000FP so be careful with what you say. Luckily, we will help you later in our guide on what the right answers are for each person.

Jealousy Points

Jealousy points start to occur once you reach the Green Flower event with your future spouse. Any other marriage candidate that has over 5000FP will start to get JP. You will earn more and more JP each time you trigger a Green or Yellow flower event with the other bachelors or bachelorettes.

Each marriage candidates will get JP faster then others. To see how fast each marriage candidates gets JP, it will be listed under each page for the particular person you are looking for. Once you get married all the other marriage candidates will get +5 JP.

Even after you are married the other candidates will still accumulate JP. Whenever you go on a date with your wife or husband all the people you didn’t choose will get +1 JP. And if you decide to go out with one of them instead of your spouse will get +3 JP.

Keep in mind that once someone’s JP gets to 10 they wont be too friendly to you anymore, they wont post board requests for you to get them stuff, and worse, they wont accept any gifts from you or ask about going on anymore dates. But never fear, you can get the opportunity to apologize to the person which hasn’t been confirmed yet, but should reset the JP meter. There are other ways to get rid of JP as well such as going on a date with them which will take you back to 0 JP. But will give you +3 JP with your spouse. Sometimes even winning a festival can reset the JP meter. Since the jealousy points system can be cleared so easy there isn’t much to worry about. But if you notice some of the other girls or guys acting differently towards you, then that’s probably why.

Marriage Requirements

The basic requirements that you need to know to get married are, 1) To be in year 2 or later. 2) Have the girl/guy at full red flowers [60,000 FP]. 3) Have the big bed and 4) Trigger all of their Flower events. [ Some of the special candidates don't have any flower events so then you wont have to worry. The special candidates have some extra requirements and they will be listed on their info pages. Keep in mind also that some of the candidates aren’t available until later in the game. These will be noted on their pages.

Step 1 is simple, you have to introduce yourself. When you 1st talk to them their name will show up as "???" until they tell you their name, then you have introduced yourself. Once you have done that you can now start giving gifts to them to start getting their friendship up.

Like real people, each person on the game likes different things and hates others. You can only give them 1 gift each day. If you try to give them a second gift they will say something along the lines of "I’m sorry, I don’t think I could take another one today." Each bachelor/ette has a favorite or special item they like the most and it will get you a good +800FP. Then each person has a lengthy list of stuff that will get you +300FP. If they don’t like or hate the gift you will get only +50FP. But if you give them something they hate you can lose Fp just as fast and each character has a horror gift which makes you lose 1000FP with them so be careful!

Next you need the Big Bed, which, just like past HM games, is necessary to getting married. One thing that is easier in Two Towns is the fact that you don’t need to upgrade your house to get the Big Bed. To get said, Big Bed you must be in Year 2, have a request level of 3*. and Eileen the carpenter has over 7750FP. Eileen lives in Bluebell if you can't find her and your living in Konohana. Once you complete those requirements Eileen will post a request on the Bulletin Board in Bluebell Village. You will need 2 ore stones and 30,000G. Ore Stones can be found on the mountain either in the crack in the wall behind the waterfall on the Konohana side. Or on stormy days they can be found randomly on the mountain.

*To get to request level 3 you just have to complete requests on the board until you level up. You can check what level you are by looking at your bookshelf or by tapping the "Info" button on your touch screen and clicking the red pencil icon at the bottom of the sidebar menu.

Proposing and The Wedding

After you achieve the requirements that were listed above you can now propose to your sweetheart. Two Towns has kept tradition with the Blue Feather to propose. Once you have met the marriage requirements and have your target at 50,000FP or Pink flower, the feather will become available at Raul's shop in Konohana and at Enrique's shop in Bluebell. Keep in mind you can only buy it once. If you manage to lose it somehow, then its gone and your completely screwed sad to say. And only way to get another one, would be to start over. So take good care of it! It costs 10,000G.

You can only propose on Sunny or Snowy days. You don’t need to ask them out on a date to propose, you just have to give it to them as you would give them a regular gift. It is your choice though if you want to wait until they are in a nice place other then their house. Once you give them the feather a cut scene will start. After that, you will have your wedding a week after the proposal. It will not be marked on your calendar, so pay attention to when you proposed. In addition, if a week later happens to fall on a festival day or a villagers birthday, your wedding will be pushed to the closest normal day.

The night before your wedding you can change your outfit to what you like because there are no special wedding outfits for either you or your spouse. Yes disappointing, I know. Once you go to bed, the ceremony will begin right away in the morning so you will not be able to water your crops or feed your animals, so make sure you have plenty of fodder and chicken feed in the stalls the night before.

Nathan the priest will conduct the ceremony and the villagers of your town will be in attendance. Unless you are marrying The Oracle. The Harvest Goddess will do the ceremony and nobody else will be there. Once the wedding scene is over the credits will roll and after that you will be back in your house.

Reverse Proposals

These are only available if you are playing as a girl. Only a few of the bachelors have reverse proposal events. These are Kana, Hiro and Ash.

To trigger a reverse proposal event, the guy you want to propose to you must be at max friend points which is 65,000FP. The last Flower color changes to Red at 60,000FP, so after that you have to keep giving him gifts until you are pretty sure they are at 65,000FP.

After that, you need to go on a date with the guy and you can select one of the good date locations. The date will proceed as normal but then he will say he wants to tell you something important. After that you will somehow be transported to the Goddess Spring where he will give you the blue feather. He will open up to you about his feelings and ask you to marry him. You will have the choice to accept or reject. If you choose to marry him you will get married a week later. But keep in mind, if you choose not to accept, you will lose a whopping 15,000FP!!

Life After the Wedding

Like in games past, after the credits roll there is a little cutscene where your newly-wed asks you if you want a nickname now that your married. You can put in your name or you can think of a cute or funny nickname. But remember, once you press Ok, you cant change it and thats what they will call you for the rest of eternity!

As was stated earlier, you can trigger events with your spouse and family by entering your house after 8pm. Triggering these will get you +1000FP.

If your wanting to have a kid you have to wait a full season [31 days] after the wedding AND have the 2nd bed upgrade which is triggered the same way you got the 1st bed upgrade. Getting the 2nd bed upgrade requires you to have your house upgraded as well. The house upgrade will cost you 30 stone material and 30 lumber and a ridiculous 1 million G!


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