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Friendship & Marriage

by DetroitDJ

/ /
| / Intro to Social Life /
| / /
| When you meet a villager, they're added to your Relationship Screen. As you
| talk with them, give them gifts and get to know them, their heart level
| will increase.
| There are several impacts of raising a villager's heart level. For most
| villagers, they'll change their dialogue when you become better friends
| with them. But for some, raising their heart level will trigger different
| events and scenes.
| The biggest application of heart levels are the marriage candidates. In
| order to get married, you'll have to raise a bachelor or bachelorette's
| heart level to the point of marriage. After marriage, your spouse will have
| an additional heart meter to raise.
// //
// Friendship //
// //
// "Life is partly what we make it, and //
// partly what it is made by the friends //
// we choose." -Tennessee Williams //
// //
| As in past Harvest Moon games, Tree of Tranquility operates based on a
| points system for affection. Affection is basically a measure of how close
| you are with each villager. Affection exists for all villagers, but plays a
| special role for the player's potential spouses. But before we get to that,
| let's take a look at how to earn affection.
| I should mention at this point that this section is almost entirely based
| on my similar research on Tree of Tranquility. Animal Parade is built on
| the same engine as Tree of Tranquility, so I'd be very surprised if there
| were any fundamental changes to this; however, I'm not yet positive.
| _________________________________________________________________________
| / /
| / Raising Affection /
| / /
| Below is a list of general ways to increase your affection (or friendship)
| with a given villager. For more specific details on the impact of each way,
| read the Affection Mechanics section below.
| - Gifts: Giving gifts is the most clear way to gain friendship. Each
| villager has gifts that they love, like, dislike and hate -- see the
| specific villager in the Characters section above for detailed
| information for each one. Giving gifts that they love or like raises
| their affection -- 'love' more than 'like', obviously -- whereas giving
| gifts they dislike or hate will lower their friendship level. Gifts are
| especially effective when given on birthdays: a birthday gift given on
| a villager's birthday carries double the impact of the same gift given
| any other day.
| - Talking: Even just talking carries an affection increase. It's lower
| than gift-giving, but just speaking to a villager every day will help
| you become their friend.
| - Heart Events and Festivals: for bachelor/ettes, there are several heart
| events that take place that mark your progress in wooing them, as well
| as several romantic festivals that you can take your beloved to.
| Successfully completing these heart events and participating in these
| festivals will increase your affection level, but only with the
| bachelor/ette that is participating.
| - Rubbing: Rubbing appears to have a
| substantial effect on affection, allowing you to raise a person's heart
| level by a heart in just a week or so when combined with talking and
| daily gift-giving.
| - Clothing: This one is interesting. Every villager has some clothing
| that they like to see you in; if you talk to them while wearing an item
| of clothing they like, their heart level will increase by more than it
| would have otherwise. Experiment with different outfits to find what
| different villagers like.
| Every villager's affection - or what's commonly referred to as heart level
| - is measured in the same way, using the 10-heart system. Each heart is
| comprised of 100 points - so, it takes 1000 affection points to raise a
| villager to the maximum level.
| The actions listed above each carry a bonus of a certain number of
| affection points. Performing these actions adds some points to the
| villager's affection counter - the heart display in the information screen
| shows the total number of points, rounded down to the nearest hundred, as a
| number of hearts.
| The two most prominent ways of raising affection are Gift Giving and
| Talking. Talking to a villager is worth 5 affection points - so, if you
| simply talk to a villager every day, you'll raise their heart level by one
| heart in 20 days. The 'talking' benefit can only be gained once per
| villager per day.
| Gift-giving, however, is far faster - however, it can be a good bit more
| complicated, and is detailed in the section below. If you combine talking,
| rubbing and daily gift-giving, though, you can raise a villager's heart
| level by a heart every week.
| _________________________________________________________________________
| / /
| / Gift-Giving Mechanics /
| / /
| Gift-giving is the most effective way to raise affection, but is also a bit
| more complicated. Basically, each villager will accept exactly one gift per
| day. Their attitude about the gift determines how much of an affection
| boost you get from it.
| There are four attitudes towards gifts: Loves, Likes, Neutral and Dislikes.
| Loves, Likes and Neutral will all result in an increase in heart level,
| with Loves giving more of an increase than Likes and Likes giving more of
| an increase than Neutral. Giving a Disliked gift will actually decrease
| your friendship with that villager.
| Birthdays double both the heart points gained from a gift - so, on a
| person's birthday, each gift counts for twice as many points.
| Because you can only give one gift per villager per day, it becomes much
| more important to know what good gives are to give.

// //
// Dating and Marriage //
// //
// "Each moment of a happy lover's //
// hour is worth an age of dull and //
// common life." -Aphra Behn //
// //
| One of the most popular elements of the Harvest Moon series is marriage.
| For each gender, there are ten possible bachelors or bachelorettes that you
| can marry. Eight of these will marry someone else if you don't marry them.
|\______ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _
| Dating \
| \
| In this section, I'll usually talk as if you've already chosen who you want
| to marry. There's absolutely no reason to do that, though. You can
| separately woo all ten potential spouses at once and choose who to marry
| later (although doing so will lower the heart level of each other bachelor
| or bachelorette). I'm just phrasing it this way for simplicity.
| The first step to marrying your beloved is simply to befriend them. This
| follows the same exact principles described in the above Friendship
| section. Talk to them as often as you can and give them gifts they like and
| you'll be well on your way.
| As you begin to befriend them, you'll encounter several "heart events".
| Heart events occur when the person reaches a certain heart level and mark
| your developing relationship with that person. In order to marry someone,
| you need to experience all their heart events.
| The events are:
| - Two gift-giving events: most bachelors and bachelorettes have two
| gift-giving events, when your heart level with them reaches 2 hearts
| and 4 hearts. They'll stop by your house in the morning and give you
| your gift. If Animal Parade is anything like past Harvest Moon games,
| you might have to enter and exit your house at around 8:00AM to get
| these events to trigger. Note that the Witch, Wizard, Harvest King and
| Harvest Goddess each only have one gift-giving event, at 4 hearts. For
| the King and Goddess, you'll have to go get your gift -- they won't
| show up to give it to you.
| - The letter: there's nothing you need to do for this one. You'll get a
| letter in your mailbox from the bachelor or bachelorette, after raising
| them to 6 hearts.
| - The date event: most bachelors and bachelorettes -- not the Harvest
| King or Goddess, though -- have a date event. The date event is
| triggered when you talk to a bachelor or bachelorette with more than 5
| hearts on a sunny non-festival morning. They'll ask you out to a date
| later in the day, specifying a location and time. Show up at the
| location at that time to see the event. During the event, you'll be
| asked a question -- one of the responses will raise the other person's
| affection points, while the other will lower them. The question differs
| from character to character, but generally the response you want is the
| one that resembles 'Yes.' If you miss the event, they'll lose some
| affection points, and you'll have to raise them again to trigger the
| date event again.
| - The confession: the confession event is very similar to the date event.
| It occurs when you talk to a bachelor or bachelorette with more than 7
| hearts on a sunny non-festival day. Just like the date event, the
| bachelor or bachelorette will ask you to meet them later: everyone will
| specify the beach by the lighthouse in the later afternoon, before
| 6:00PM. During the event, you'll be asked whether you like them or not
| -- the impact of the responses are obvious. If you miss the event, the
| person will lose a lot of affection points and you'll have to raise
| their heart level to trigger the confession again.
| Note that each time you experience a 7-heart event with a bachelor or
| bachelorette, the heart levels of the others will drop a bit. You can still
| raise them all, though; you'll just have to make up for that little bit of
| lost ground. Note also that the King and Goddess don't have 5-heart dates,
| and they'll just show up at your house for the 7-heart date.
| Every heart event also boosts that bachelor or bachelorette's heart level.
| You'll find that once you get them up to 2 hearts, it's much quicker to
| move through the other levels.
| Aside from talking, gift-giving and heart events, there's one other thing
| that will help: romantic festivals. Half the festivals let you ask an
| eligible bachelor or bachelorette to them the previous day. If you do and
| show up, you'll get a pretty significant heart bonus.
| It won't take more than three to four months to raise a bachelor or
| bachelorette's heart level to 7 after meeting them, though many of the
| potential spouses won't be available until much later. If you can give a
| Loved gift every day, it'll go even faster.
| Once you've experienced all the heart events, you're almost ready for
| marriage: almost.
|\________ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _
| Marriage \
| \
| There are three requirements to get married:
| - You must have experienced all the bachelor or bachelorette's heart
| events. They're listed in the previous section.
| - You must have upgraded your house at least to Level 2 to get a
| Queen-size bed.
| - You must have the Blue Feather, which requires you to have access to
| the Upper Garmon Mine. Chances are you will anyway, but if you don't,
| check the Plot section under [-PLOTW-] without the dashes.
| Once you've raised a bachelor or bachelorette to 9 hearts, Mira will come
| by and mention she saw a blue bird. Scale the Upper Garmon Mine to the peak
| late in the afternoon, specifically between 7:00PM and 9:00PM (19:00 and
| 21:00). Note that you have to get there in the later afternoon, so you'll
| want to start much earlier. You can always wait on the second-to-last floor
| for a while, so get an early start.
| In order to get the Blue Feather, you must raise a bachelor or bachelorette
| to at least 9 hearts. Note, however, that once you have the Blue Feather,
| you can use it on any bachelor or bachelorette for whom you've seen all the
| heart events. So, you could raise Phoebe to 9 hearts, then use the Blue
| Feather on Anissa even if Anissa has only 7 hearts, as long as you've seen
| all of Anissa's heart events. This can be useful for marrying one of the
| potential spouses that isn't available until later in the game.
| Once you've met those requirements, it's time to propose. Pull out the Blue
| Feather and present it to your desired spouse. If you've followed these
| steps, he or she will accept after a scene. You'll be given some choices to
| make, but they don't really matter.
| Next is the wedding, which will be scheduled by Hamilton. It will be within
| one week of your proposal. On that day, there'll be a series of scenes.
| You'll be given an occasional choice, but it doesn't matter what you
| choose. The only exception is when you're asked what your nickname should
| be. Your spouse will refer to you by this nickname most of the time from
| now on.
| Lastly there's the honeymoon. Over the course of the marriage events,
| Hamilton will present you with a special ticket. Take it to Pascal on a
| sunny morning (take care of your animals first, as you'll be gone until
| late at night) and you'll go on a day-long honeymoon to Toucan Island with
| your spouse. You'll return that night, though, which would seem to prevent
| the primary purpose of a honeymoon.

// //
// Family Life //
// "One of life's greatest mysteries is how //
// the boy who wasn't good enough to marry your //
// daughter can be the father of the smartest //
// grandchild in the world." -Unknown //
// //
| So you're married. Woo! Congratulations. Your spouse has moved in with you
| and you're settling into your completely otherwise-unchanged life. Unless
| you married the Harvest Goddess or Harvest King, in which case it's a
| completely-unchanged life. No, really -- there's absolutely no change to
| your home life if you marry them. Not at this point, anyway.
| _________________________________________________________________________
| / /
| / After Marriage /
| / /
| Like Tree of Tranquility, your spouse will pack you some food every
| morning, assuming you wake up at the house and there's not another event
| waiting to occur (for example, an animal death). The lunch will restore
| stamina when eaten, but by the time you're married, chances are stamina
| isn't a huge issue, so you might just want to sell them.
| The first new ability after marriage is that you can go on walks with your
| spouse. Simply talk to them before 7:00AM and you'll be presented with the
| option to have them join you for some time -- if you do, they'll follow you
| around. This is how you can take them to some festivals, or even trigger
| some little cutscenes. This also increases their heart level, which is
| important. You can take pets and your children on walks this same way, up
| to three at once.
| Other than that, your spouse does more than just sit on their hands. You
| can actually ask them to help out with the farm. When you talk to them
| first thing in the morning, they'll give you a number of choices. Besides
| walking with you, they can:
| - Collect crops.
| - Collect barn products (milking and shearing).
| - Collect coop products (eggs and cocoons).
| - Water crops.
| - Pick weeds.
| - Forage.
| - Brush animals.
| - Head to the mine.
| - Go fishing.
| Note, however, that if you have your spouse collect any kind of shippable
| item, it won't appear in the shipping bin. You'll never get the chance to
| actually keep the items -- they'll just automatically be shipped. So, don't
| have your spouse do anything with any goods that you wanted to keep or
| process before shipping.
| Now, they won't do any of these tasks perfectly at first, but they'll get
| better with practice, so it's beneficial to give them the same tasks over
| and over.
| Getting married also creates festivals for your birthday, your spouse's
| birthday and your anniversary. Check out the Festivals section for more on
| that.
|\______________________ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _
| Marriage Heart Levels \
| \
| In Animal Parade, there's an additional element to marriage. Once you're
| married, you'll notice your spouse's heart meter has an additional set of
| 10 red hearts about their standard hearts. These are their post-marriage
| hearts. I'm not sure if you have to fill up their regular hearts before
| these other hearts will start filling or not, but these hearts will mark
| your marriage relationship.
| They're not just for show -- events like having kids will be based on this
| heart meter. You actually need to pay attention to your marriage
| relationship this time around. Talking to them every day will fill the
| meter slowly, but you'll want to give your spouse gifts, take them to
| festivals, and remember birthdays to raise it faster.
| _________________________________________________________________________
| / /
| / Your Children /
| / /
| For us Harvest Moon fans, the children system has always felt quite
| tacked-on and rudimentary. Well, good news, Harvest Moon fans. It's been
| completely revamped.
|\______________________ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _
| Requirements for Kids \
| \
| In order to have kids, you have to meet three requirements:
| - First of all, you've got to be married. I know, boys and girls, it's
| shocking -- but back in the old days, marriage came BEFORE kids.
| Shocking!
| - Secondly, you need a Level 3 house. When your house reaches Level 3,
| you get a second room -- that becomes the kids' room.
| - Finally, your spouse has to ask you if you want kids. This happens
| after you raise their marriage heart meter to 4 or 5 hearts. Obviously,
| you should say yes.
| After saying yes, you'll get the chance to choose the gender. If you let
| your spouse decide, it will be randomly determined.
| Then, it's a waiting game. The time you have to wait isn't preset, but
| you'll notice what your spouse says changes. Then, eventually, you'll find
| yourself taken to Choral Clinic for the birth and naming. Woo! You've got a
| child!
| Your child's appearance is a combination of yours and your spouse's, but in
| a different way from Tree of Tranquility. The child's facial structure will
| take after your own, but their hair color will come from your spouse. Yes,
| Phoebe's kids have green hair, pink for Luna's, and blue for Luke's.
| In Animal Parade, though, you can have two different kids. Obviously to
| have a second, you've already met all the requirements for the first, so
| it's just a waiting game until your spouse asks if you want another one.
| The second won't come until after the first one is fully grown, though.
|\__________ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _
| Kid Chores \
| \
| Once your child has grown up fully, you'll have the option of assigning
| them chores in the morning, just like your spouse. The chores you can
| choose from are:
| - Collect crops.
| - Collect barn products (milking and shearing).
| - Collect coop products (eggs and cocoons).
| - Water crops.
| - Pick weeds.
| - Forage.
| - Brush animals.
| - Head to the mine.
| - Go fishing.
| Note, however, that if you have your child collect any kind of shippable
| item, it won't appear in the shipping bin. You'll never get the chance to
| actually keep the items -- they'll just automatically be shipped. So, don't
| have your spouse do anything with any goods that you wanted to keep or
| process before shipping.
| Initially the kids won't be very good at any chore -- but as they do the
| chore more often, and as you increase in your friendship with them, they'll
| get better.
| You can also walk with your kids the same way you walk with your spouse or
| pets -- talk to them before 7:00AM. They'll follow you around and gain
| heart points with time. You can have up to three things follow you.
|\__________________ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _
| Kid Personalities \
| \
| There are four different possible child personalities, which I'm referring
| to as Sweet, Active, Smart and Artistic. Each particular potential spouse
| has three possible child personalities associated with them, so your
| options are limited first of all by who you married.
| So how do you push your child toward one personality type? Well, over the
| course of your child's upbringing, you'll be given several questions by
| your spouse about how you want your child to end up. Your choices will
| impact what they end up as.
| Your child will go through four stages of maturation. Once they're fully
| grown, you can ask them for help on your farm as well, just like your
| spouse. You can also take walks with them, and even change their outfits
| with ones you buy at Sonata Tailoring and Accessory Shop by accessing your
| dresser. Having kids also opens up the child's birthday festival, which you
| can find in the Festivals section. You can also take your kids with you to
| Theodore's Circus to watch them play with the animals (after you've rescued
| them all).
| Your first and second kids will look different even if they're the same
| gender: one will look older, the other young. They'll take the same amount
| of time to reach their "final" stage though.
|\____________________ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _
| Your Child's Journey \
| \
| When you've completed the main plotline and have a full-grown child, you'll
| also have the opportunity to send them out on a journey of their own. This
| plays more into the plot than into the child-rearing element of the game.


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