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About the Staff/Site History

In 2002, a website named harvest moon paradise was created by Anthony D'Ademo. It was on the geocities server. The site ran until 2005 until geocities closed it down for a terms of service violation(to this day I have no idea what rule was broken). The site then migrated to and stayed there with limited exposure until March of 2008. In March of 2008 Matthew Currie volunteered to help upgrade the website. With his help Anthony and Matt put up what you see today. In May of 2008 Owen F joined the staff and helped create the Harvest Moon Paradise Forum. And with Owen's help the site has been growing ever since!

Original Site look:

About Anthony

Dob: 8/29/84
Location: Greenwich, CT
Owned Hm Games:Hm 64, Hm BTN, Hm fomt, Hm Ds, Hm:MM, HM AWL (only have 64 btn and fomt in my possession at the moment)
Favorite Hm character: Ann

About Owen

Dob: 7/1/88
Location: British Columbia, Canada
Owned Hm Games: mfomt, awl, anwl, btn, mm, ioh, hm ds
Fav Hm Character: Karen


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