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There are different types of tools
you can use that perform different things. There are 5 tools included
when you start the game. The rest you must get in some way.

To upgrade your tools you need the
stones from the mine and from 1000G-5000G depending on the stone. To
upgrade tool have the tool equipped and the stone in your hand. Tell
the black smith you want to upgrade and he will tell you the cost and
how long.

Copper 1000 G must have tool over 100% in tool menu when you press

Silver 2000 G must have tool over 200%

Gold 3000 G must have tool over 300%

Mystrile 5000 G must have tool over 400%

Hammer- The hammer is used to
break small rocks at first. Once it is upgraded once it can break
large stones with 6 hits. You cannot break rocks until it is upgraded
again with 6 hits.
Following upgrades will let you break rocks
with 3 hits then one.

Hoe- The hoe is used for
tilting soil. First hole will till 1 square. Upgraded once 3. 6 for
two and so on.

Sickle- The sickle is for
cutting weeds same with the hoe 1 with the single. 3 with upgraded
and so on.

Watering Can- The watering
can is used for watering plants. Fill it in your pond. It follows
the same upgrade schedule as sickle and hoe.

Ax- The ax is used to split
stumps, but you cant split any until it upgrades . first upgrade 6 2nd
3 and so on.

Milker- The milker is used to
milk cows. It can be purchased at the blacksmith for 2000G.

Clipper- The clipper is used
to get wool from adult sheep. It can be obtained about every 7 days.
Purchased at blacksmith for 1800G.

Brush- The brush can be
purchased at the blacksmith for 800G. It is used to brush all your
animals except chicken and dogs.


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