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Cut Scenes

by EChristine


-	First met with Mary
Happens when you visit the library on the first time. When you
arrive, Mary seems like talking to herself.. (the truth is
she's making a novel) choose if you come to read (first
choice) or come to chat. If you come to read, she will greeted
you warmly and become your friend.

- Suspicious character 1
Happens at your second day at the farm. Harris will told you
that he heard that there is a suspicious person that coming to
this village. After he leaves, Won arrived and ask for your
permission to sit under your tree. Run to Harris in the
Square. When he go to your farm to look for Won, Won will show
up in the square! Search for Harris in Gotz's house. When he
go again, Won show up again. After some explanation, they both
can accept each other. Harris then ask him what does he sells,
and Won will offer him his SUGDW apple for 500 G.

- Suspicious character 2
Be a friend to Rick, Harris, Gotz, and often walking outside
his house. They will argue someday. Harris got a report from
one villager that a suspicious characters run this way. Rick
also saw a big and furry person walk and disappeared at Gotz's
house. They think it's him. Well, after yell each other for
quite long time, they will hear a scary voice, and a monkey
will come out from 'his' hideout.

- The supermarket story 1
Go to the supermarket at the first time (after 9 am). The
doctor tells Jeff that he will pay his debt later. After he
left, Sasha come out and yell at her husband that he always
let people get a debt on him. She left to ask the money.
Duke comes in. He want to buy a flour and pay it later. He
then ask you what's wrong, because your face doesn't look so

First choice: nothing Duke left and Karen will after him)
Second choice: you should pay (this make Duke laugh, but then
Karen come out and force him to pay his debt. Then she will
thank you and introduce herself.)

- The supermarket story 2
Notice that in the second year Jeff and Sasha have something
that makes them happy. Inside the supermarket they will talk
about it. Jeff then celebrate it by giving out a discount (I
wonder why he never gave it to me).

- The supermarket story 3
A few days after the discount issue. All the customers that
have a debt on Jeff come to the market to pay him. Duke then
comes in and ask him by anger, "Are this supermarket really
going to bankrupt?"
"What?" Jeff answers. Duke then pay his debt. He thinks that
maybe it went bankrupt because he always refuse to pay his
bill. Jeff is a little bit confused but happy.

- A fishing pole
Meet Greg at the beach and talk to him. Greg: "I like fishing.
Do you?" say yes (first choice) and you will get the pole!

- The fishing rod
Have 50 fish on your pond. Greg will visit your farm, look at
you pond, glad that he gave you the pole, and giving you his
fishing rod, that catch fish faster than your fishing pole.

- Job from the inn
If you have three adult chicken that lays egg, one day Ann
will show up to your farm. Seems like she wants you to deliver
three eggs to the inn everyday before 5 pm. Put the eggs to
your rucksack before coming in. This events happened mostly on
some days before the cooking festival. For one egg you will be
granted 100 G.

- Kappa
If you give Chef (red sprites) a sweet potato, he will tell
you that a creature called Kappa loves cucumber.
Let's meet Kappa then. Bring three cucumber to the lake, and
stands between two trees at the upper side of the lake. Throw
the first cucumber. Kappa will show his head but say nothing.
Throw the second. Kappa will tell you to stop it. Don't. Throw
the last cucumber. Kappa will give you a blue power berry that
prevent a sickness on a rainy day for you to stop disturbing
him. Chef is lying, he didn't like cucumber at all!

- Friendship with Popuri
If Popuri likes you, she will give you an egg. Hatch it, and
give it her name (Note: if you don't know how to write her
name, talk to Rick. He will be happy to reply her sister's
three-letter name to you. Just see three letter that he uses
most.) She will be very happy if you name the chick with her
name (Note again: She only react if you name her with Japanese
katakana, so if you name the chick with POPURI, she won't
realize it).

- Friendship with Mary
Mary will give you a book. Read it, then return it. She will
ask you who do you like, the king (first option) or the
woodcutter (second option) choose the woodcutter, or else she
will think that you didn't read the book.

- Friendship with Karen
Karen will give you flower seed at Spring. Plant it and she
will come if it has bloom.

- Friendship with Ann
Ann have a fight with her dad and found you standing outside
the inn. She will explain that his dad wants her to get
married soon. She said that she isn't the type for married.
She asks you about your thoughts.

First choice: No, I can't (imagine her married) you're right.
#Ann's response: See? (crying) well, I have to back to work.
Bye! (Your relationship with her getting worse)
Second choice: Yes, I can.
#Ann's response: Re... really?? (blushed) Oh well, I have to
get back to work. Bye! (Her relationship with Cliff gets

- Ann's birthday
Only happened when you become good friends with Ann. At the
beginning of summer, you will receive the invitation to her
birthday at 14th on your mailbox. At the day, bring the gift
that you already wrapped in and go to the inn. Don't forgot to
bring the invitation.

- Karen and you
Only happened when your relationship with Karen gets better.
Karen will found you standing alone at the Goddess pond. She
will ask you if there's something you worried about. You can
answer Farmwife (First options), Love life (Second options) or
nothing (Third options).

- Vineyard story 1
Mostly happen at 2nd year. At night go to the pub. Duke will
get drunk. Grab the bottle of water and throw it at his face.
Scene changed. Now you are already inside his house. Manna
will thank you and tell you that after Aja left, Duke always
blame himself. Duke that already gets conscious, awake and
yell, then act like nothing happens. Go out after talk to

- Vineyard story 2
Often watch the sport program. You will know that Aja has
become F1 racer. Often talk to Harris and be nice to him.
One day he will come to your farm and will want to chat with
you. Inside, he will tells you that he loves Aja, and feel
very sad when she leaves the village.

- Vineyard story 3
Meet Manna. Told her about Harris's feeling. She will be very
surprised at first, but then decided to talk to him. The next
day you will find that Harris is coming again to your farm,
then Zack will come and give him a letter from Aja.

- Mai story 1
Barley will come to you and say that Mai is missing. Go to
Gotz's house. Gotz said that he will try to search for Mai in
the mountain. Mayor will ask the villager. Go to Yodel farm.
Barley is still waiting for Mai.
Wait until 6 pm, then go to the beach. Mai will standing at
the dock. She ask you if you want to hear her story.
First option: Of course
Second option: You should go home.
If you want to hear her story, she will tell you about her
mom. Then, if you came back (doesn't matter if you heard the
story or not) Barley will be very angry. He then ask Mai if
she doesn't happy to live just the two of them. Mai will shake
her head.

- Mai story 2
Mai gets lonely. She ask you to play. Barley will tell her not
to disturb you. You then have to choose to go to church (first
option) or talk to Ellen (second option) doesn't matter what
you choose, Mai and Stu will from now on plays together.

- Hana-chan
Be friends with Barley and May. If needed, bring your dog and
show it as often as you can to them. If you want to, left it
there! Soon after the 2nd year, Barley will come to your farm
and ask if you can lend your dog. He wants to breed it with
Hanna. Say yes, and that old man will took it. Visit your dog
everyday and 2 weeks later they will return it.
2 weeks after, May will tell you that the dog has gave birth.
They want to raise one, so you have to find a person who want
to raise the other one. Talk to Harris and he will took the
puppy as soon as he can. And no, you can't get the puppy for
yourself! You already have the father!

- Anna the flower lover
Plant more than 100 flower (not 100 pack of seeds). When its
all bloom, she will come and said that she want to exchange
some of them with her power berry.

Fourth year. Have all the villagers your friends, and more
than 80% at menu. Then at the sunny day go to the square.
Notice that some villagers are talking about a weird light
they saw. Go to the church area. At your way there you will
see a blinding lights, but it only happen two seconds. When
it's over, you will wonder what was it.


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